Today was a good day.

Shattered..but a good day.


I went out walking 
Through streets paved with gold 
Lifted some stones 
Saw the skin and bones 
Of a city without a soul 
I went out walking 
Under an atomic sky 
Where the ground won’t turn 
And the rain it burns 
Like the tears when I said goodbye 

Yeah I went with nothing 
Nothing but the thought of you 
I went wandering 

I went drifting 
Through the capitals of tin 
Where men can’t walk 
Or freely talk 
And sons turn their fathers in 
I stopped outside a church house 
Where the citizens like to sit 
They say they want the kingdom 
But they don’t want God in it 

Um Al Nasser!

Help needed..

Irish in gaza

We would like to wish you all a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas from Gaza Strip, the Holy land, Palestine.

In one of our last post’s,    ( No Silent Night just a Silent World) , We asked for your help. To those of you who sent donations, we are extremely grateful, Unfortunately , more help is needed.

With the donations received, We focused on an area in Gaza known as Um Al Nasser village. This village is home to  many of Gaza’s Bedouin . Gaza bedouin community is a poorly funded, often neglected sector , whose simple homes are predominantly made of galvanize sheets  for walls, on floors of sand. Curtains are used as partitions or doors for privacy. Roofs are made of rusted old sheets of galvanize. They are mostly herders with a small amount of agriculture being their only source of food and/or income. There is…

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